Features of FortunePRO

Investor tools

FortunePRO helps investors in all stages of investment cycle from identifying stocks till the profit is realised.

FortunePRO is a tool for stock analysis and enabling an investor to have control of their data and application of their strategy in a way that should reduce their risks and enhance their profits.FortunePRO is aimed at providing more profitable trades and reducing the risk of private investors. FortunePRO® is offering a number of charting and strategy options. Its customisation and charting functionalities are straightforward and easy

FortunePRO features can be used effectively in each stage of your stock investment

FortunePRO provides two separate products for managing long time investment and day trading.

  1. Screening stocks
  2. Create a list of stocks for review
  3. Analyse the selected stocks for investment decision
  4. After investment, review the performance of stock

Salient Features

For a detailed look at all major sections, use the side menu.

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Use a predefined formula or create one to find the stocks of your interest.FortunePRO has several built-in formula that can be used effectively. Some alerts are already created for you and you will see the alerts once you start using FortunePRO.


Chart center is a place where you can have a detailed study of stock performance using various tools like drawing , indicators , overlays etc. The charts are clear and detailed


When you have a list of stocks to see in chart center, you can use AutoNext feature which automatically displays the stocks one by one with all your settings.

Measure stock performance

In FortunePRO it is easy to graph your stock against another index or stock.This can be done with the stock in your portfolio also where you can review the stock performance


Quicklinks enable user to navigate to the list of stocks that are already filtered by a formula or condition.Most of the popular screening conditions are built into the quicklinks.         

Model Stock Portfolio

You can create a portfolio with stocks you want watch as if you have invested in those stocks.Model Stock Portfolio is a great way to test the performance of those stocks without any real investment.

Unlimited Watchlists

Create list of your favourite stocks and track their performance . FortunePRO has some predefined watchlist also.You can add stocks to watchlist from chart center, alerts, screener center etc.

Unlimited Portfolios

You can create any number of portfolios with FortunePRO. There are several tools available to measure the performance of portfolio and all the individual stocks.


FortunePRO is designed for easy navigation between various sections. The dashboard gives a quick overview of market/Indices and performance of portfolio and watchlist stocks.

For more details of FortunePRO features, see the left menu .

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