A complete technical analysis software with portfolio management


Investor tools

FortunePRO helps investors in all the stages of investment from identifying stocks till the profit is realised.

FortunePRO is a tool for stock analysis and enabling an investor to have control of their data and application of their strategy in a way that should reduce their risks and enhance their profits.FortunePRO is aimed at providing more profitable trades and reducing the risk of private investors. FortunePRO® is offering a number of charting and strategy options. Its customisation and charting functionalities are straightforward and easy

FortunePRO features can be used effectively in each stage of your stock investment

Now with more tools for day trading!!

A complete set of separate features for day trading!

Short Help Slide Shows

Use the following slide shows to familiarize with the features of FortunePRO

Features of Dashboard

Introduction to FortunePRO's Portfolio Center

Learn how to use Screener Center

FortunePRO's charting tools- Chart Center


How to use Alerts in FortunePRO

Intra- An introduction

How to use FortunePRO-Intra for day trading

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