FortunePRO Version 3.0 Released!
Now with more tools for day trading!!

A complete set of separate features for day trading!

Ever wondered how Institutional investors and MFs make millions while you lose your hard earned money?

They use right technology to take right decisions at right time.

Most of the retail investors invest on stocks based on tips and do not track the investment closely.They miss the stock that just start to rise from a lower levels.

Now you have the same technology used by big players which focuses on the individual investors need and helps to find the right stock,analyse,invest and track . FortunePRO is a technical analysis and investment software suite for performing Technical Analysis, stock screening and Portfolio Management for the Indian Stock Market. Try our 10 days free trial - Download Now

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Ease of use and Proven technical analysis features make FortunePRO a great choice.
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Investors need to know:

  • What and When To Buy or Sell?
  • When To book profits or Cut Losses?
  • What stocks to watch?
FortunePRO helps you in taking any investment decisions in a proven scientific way that is adopted by all big players. It helps you in anticipating turning points and identify patterns based on the stock’s history, behavior and characteristics.


Technical analysis software is typically used with end of day (EOD), delayed or real time data feeds. EOD data feeds typically updated once a day after market close in the evening.

Real time data feeds typically needed for day traders and EOD is useful for investors and swing traders.


Traders can buy and sell the stocks on the same day.Data options available are Real time, 1 min,2 mins, 5 mins, 15 mins

FortunePRO provides customers 2 mins delayed data with subscription.

Technical analysis not only helps you in making profits, but also helps you in minimising losses.

FortunePRO has several tools that helps you to identify potential stocks and review your stocks in portfolios for their performance, So you can take right decisions

Use trial version, without any obligation to buy , to learn more how it can help you

Why FortunePRO?:

FortunePRO is at par with the quality of any EOD software available in the international market and exceeds them in many features.

All with a low price tag!

You dont have go by our words.Download and make use of trial version of various EOD software available in the market along with FortunePRO trial. Compare all of them. we are confident of the result.

Ease of use

You will love the way FotunePRO helps you with the technical analysis

Predefined indicators

All the best indicators are built in with FortunePRO


If you are an advanced user, you can extend it with your own ideas


Compared to others,though features are more, FortunePRO is priced very low.



FortunePRO Chart Center is bundled with all major indicators and overlays.Customisable.        

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FortunePRO comes with an elegant portfolio management system, to track and review your investment

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Smart Signals

Smart signal is a customisable signalling tool helps you in buying and selling decisions        

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plenty of Fundamental and technical conditions available to filter data.

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Offline Use

FortunePRO EOD needs internet connection only for data download for a brief period.Then you work disconnected anywhere.


Stock events calendar gives you panoramic view of splits, bonuses and other events.

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...and Many more. Have a look at all the major features here


Learn technical analysis and how FortunePRO can help you

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